Can I promote other people’s work here?  Do you mind?  Because this is magic.
Me and my Indian, my husband

Listening to Solidod Woods weave her tales is pure joy and contentment.  Get a cup of tea and sit back. You will smile, I am certain of that.

In ‘Hearing VoicesSolidod, in her 80s, tells about 300 years of her life stories from her book. 

‘The Life and Times of Solidod‘ (listen) are tales from the last remaining member of her village of Mescalero Apache who lived on the edge of Death Valley. Hearing Voices editor Larry Massett helped Solidad Woods publish her e-book, “An Apache Original: The Life and Times of Solidod.”  He also composed and performed the piano music in this radio hour.  The illustrations in the book are done by Solidod.     

From the Introduction by Massett:                                                                                                                

When I first met Solidod she  was living alone in a tiny room in a rather depressing subsidized-income  apartment complex in Florida. She  herself was anything but depressing, though. A few  minutes after we met  she showed me the little knife  she carries with her in her buckskin purse. “But  Solidod,” I said, “that’s kind of a  dangerous knife, isn’t  it?” I said- meaning, dangerous for an 80-year woman. “Yeah, it’s sharp,” she laughed, “but it would be better  if it was rusty. So the cut would get infected in case I  stab somebody.” 

Solidod Woods

  “Somehow I made it through  the grade school. I    had a hard time with English. I said a lot of things  backwards. Like butterflies. I called them flutter  byes because that’s what they do.”